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*Quill (kwill), n. Scientific term:  undiluted, straight.  Sample:  pure, uncut, full strength

Product Features and Benefits:
cleans fuel injectors and carburetors
 -  removes intake valve deposits
 -  reduces hydrocarbon emissionsi
 -  mproves driveability
 -  safe for catalytic converters
 -  improves starting
 -  protects against fuel system corrosion
 -  removes combustion chamber deposits
 -  safe for oxygen sensors
 -  cleans entire fuel system
 -  retards future deposit accumulations

Directions for use:
For immediate clean up, add one 11 oz. can to a 12 to 20-gallon fill up.  Effective treatment interval is 2,500-4,000 miles.  Quill® is approved for use in all gas and diesel systems.  Quill® is safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

Special Note:
Pure Quill® is a full strength fuel system concentrate.  Quill® contains no fillers or harmful solvents to dilute its dramatic cleanup power.  Quill® is ten times stronger than typical gas treatments.  When added directly to a 12-20 gallon fill up, Quill® rapidly and effectively cleans the fuel system of gum, varnish, dirt and carbon deposits. Pure Quill® Fuel System Concentrate is formulated and designed to provide radical, rapid clean up of all portions of the fuel system.  Used as directed, Quill® will remove virtually all power-robbing dirt and deposits in as little as 100 miles.  Quill® is safe for all vehicles.  

Packaging Specifications:
12 11-oz. bottles per carton / 325 mL each bottle
.41 cubic feet per carton / 102 cartons per pallet
Weight: 11 lbs. per carton ® Quill is a registered trademark of Chemplex Automotive Group, Inc.  All rights reserved.