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Product Features and Benefits:

  • Decarbonizes valve and combustion chamber to professionally restore lost power and like-new performance
  • Cleans and lubricates electronic and mechanical injectors to restore OEM recommended spray patterns
  • Safely removes hard and soft carbon deposits in any of three easy to use operations

Directions for use:  Using Injection Cleaning Canister - Add to canister.  Follow manufacturer's directions for hook up and observe safe operating procedures. Note: Chemplex® Purge is specifically designed for use in all injection cleaning devices, including Kent Moore, Carbon Clean, Wynn's, OTC. etc.
Vacuum/Induction Cleaning - Attach service tool to can of Chemplex® Purge.  With can in upright position, connect hosing to an intake manifold vacuum source.   Start engine and open valve slowly.  Set needle valve to allow complete evacuation of can in approximately 8 to 10 minutes.  Once can is completely emptied, shut off engine and re-attach vacuum to original location.  Allow 10 minutes for hot soak, and drive 2-3 miles or run at fast idle to remove modest tailpipe smoke.  Use only as directed.  Manufacturer's liability is limited to refund of purchase price of product.

Professional Cleanup
:  Chemplex® Valve & Injection Purge is the professional way to clean severely fouled injector and intake systems.  How?  Valve & Injection Purge is most effective when installed directly into the fuel injection rail using a pressurized injection cleaning canister, or when injected directly into a vacuum line.  these methods allow the concentrated OEM formula to "hot soak" deposits that are resistant to regular strength add-to-tank injector and valve cleaners.  Both injector and intake deposits affect driveability.  Both need to be cleaned to restore "like new" power and performance.  Severe intake and injector deposits require professional cleaning.  "Add to tank" chemicals, even concentrates like Chemplex® Fuel Injection Cleaner, simply will not deliver rapid deposit cleanup.  Professionally installed Chemplex® Valve & Injection Purge is the answer.

Special Note:  Gasoline detergents, added to fuel by most major oil companies to control fuel injector plugging, are known to cause carbon deposits on the back side of the engine's intake valves.  Very slight amounts of this carbon build up - less than a gram - will cause serious driveability problems.  And this amount of carbon can accumulate in just 5,000 miles of normal driving.  Additionally, alcohol additives, very commonly found in today's winter blends (ethanol, methanol, etc.), are also known to encourage valve deposit formation.  Added to this is the questionable effectiveness of the fuel injection deposit control additives themselves.  Gasoline, even at the high priced premium pump, contains high levels of resins, varnish, gums, olefins and other substances that cause the formation of power-robbing deposits in the metering, control and injection units of the fuel system.  The combined effects of intake valve deposits (IVD) and port fuel injection deposits result in serious driveability problems.  Chemplex® Valve & Injection Purge is the professional way to clean severely fouled injector and intake systems without costly disassembly.

The Chemplex Purge Service is an excellent way to restore power and performance to high-mileage heavy duty trucks. You won't believe the difference!