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Product Features and Benefits:
Chemplex® Professional Engine Flush is a scientifically formulated lubrication package designed for use in static (non run-on) crankcase flush machines.  It is approved for use in all gas and diesel flush machines, and is available in ready-to-use 6-gallon pails. 

Also available in the Chemplex Flush kit, which includes:
2 pails,  40 filters and 1 hydraulic filter. 

Directions for Use:  Always use Chemplex® Professional Engine Flush in accordance with equipment manufacturers' recommendations. 

Chemplex® Professional Engine Flush meets or exceeds the specifications established by kinetic flush machine manufacturers. In the concentrated version, this fully organic concentrate is blended at an eleven-percent rate with a suitable carrier to provide economy in international markets, while maintaining the highest quality.

Chemical Properties:
Zinc, wt% 0.03
Calcium, wt% 0.04
Phosphorous, wt% 0.04
Sulfur, wt% 0.11
Nitrogen, wt% 0.04

Physical Properties:
Density, lb/gal @ 60° F 7.30
     cSt at 40° C
     cSt at 100° C Report
Color, D-1500 2.0 Max
Appearance, Clear amber liquid
Flash Point, ° F (COC) >145

Storage and Handling:
Maximum temperatures of 100°F for handling and 110°F for long term storage are recommended.  Typical precautions for handling concentrated chemicals and solvents should be observed.